Newbrook believes that the success of any project depends upon the individuals who form the team. Year after year, Newbrook’s employee retention is roughly 90%. This loyalty is based on several factors. First, Newbrook acknowledges that the cost of tools and training is trivial when compared to the potential of losing a qualified employee. Newbrook consistently invests heavily in employee training, sending individuals to conferences, instructor led training, and providing computer-based training resources to all employees.


Another contributing factor in Newbrook’s superb retention rate is our hands-on managerial approach. In small companies spread across different clients and projects, employees can feel like they are on an island. To avoid this feeling, company management routinely visits the employees and is intimately familiar with how projects are proceeding. Additionally, Newbrook has regular company outings to facilitate a bond and exchange of ideas and experiences.


Few companies are capable of matching Newbrook’s personnel retention rate or our attention to meeting the needs of our customers’ mission domains. Newbrook invests in the growth of our people. We avoid the traps into which the employees of small businesses sometimes fall. By combining a small company atmosphere with large company processes, Newbrook will continue to retain our superb employees and continue to attract new talent.