About Us


Headquartered in Northern Virginia, Newbrook has over 10 Years experience as an IT Solutions Provider to the Federal Government, Intelligence Community (IC), and private organizations. We are focused specifically on mission system software development and management consulting services. Our primary customers are the Department of Defense (DoD) and Intelligence Community (IC). Our teams specialize in Software Engineering, Service Management and Process Engineering, and IT Program Management Office Support.


Our mission is to provide every customer with unparalleled solutions through the intelligent and appropriate use of information technology. Newbrook has demonstrated, since its inception, our technical and management skills to propel organizations’ objectives from concept to implementation and beyond.


At Newbrook, every employee is part of the business and every opinion matters. We believe if you employ great people, and give them the tools, training, and resources to succeed, the emergent behavior of the creative individuals is a solid team capable of producing breakthrough results. Our staff is equipped with the appropriate security clearances and has experience working across the Department of Defense and Intelligence Community.